Zorc Necrophades
Zorc Necrophades
Universe Yu-Gi-Oh!
Powers/skills Superhuman strength, manipulation over darkness
Likes Darkness, conquering
Dislikes Light, Atem, Exodia
Type of Fighter Monster

Zorc Necrophades is a villain from the Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is a powerful being made of darkness. It gets its power from the darkness within people. It fought against Exodia the Forbidden One right after its revival in the Dawn of the Duel Arc.


Zorc is a being made of the darkness of others and as such, it has a dangerous mentality. It revels in destruction, chaos, and triumph. It is also arrogant and sees itself as an invincible being.


As a being composed of darkness, Zorc has an enormous amount of power. It has access to a large amount of power that far succeeds the Egyptian Gods and other powerful beings.

In its battle against Exodia, it was able to fight on its level. It was able to survive Exodia's Obliderate attack an attack that would easily demolish its target. During its battle with Exodia, it was able to throw powerful punches that was able to easily knock it back. It was able to easily slice Exodia in half destroying it in an instance.



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Zorc Necrophades' Battle
Battle Outcome
Zorc Necrophades vs. Exodia the Forbidden One Won