Zarbon is a fighter from Dragon Ball Z. He is a henchmen of Frieza and he is his right-hand.


Zarbon is sophisticated and egotistical like Frieza. He sees himself as a better person than Vegeta. He can be worried by Frieza if he does not complete the mission he was assigned. As a fighter, he sees himself as a potent force that cannot be stopped. However, he was surprised when Vegeta was able to overwhelm him so easily.


Zarbon first appeared on planet Namek with Frieza and their minions. They were going from town to town on planet Namek trying to get information on the Dragon Balls. While they were trying to get information, they killed many civilians in the process. They learned that Vegeta is on the planet and that he plans on taking the Dragon Balls for himself. Zarbon encountered Vegeta and beaten him in a battle. He later took Vegeta to the hideout where Frieza was at and were about to get information out of him. Vegeta escaped before they could do anything to him.

Enraged, Frieza ordered Zarbon to locate Vegeta and bring him back immediately or else he will die. He found Vegeta in a far off distance. He battled him a second time but he was overwhelmed by Vegeta's strength. He asked the Saiyan why he was so strong and Vegeta replied saying that a Saiyan can only get strong from their last battle. Just as Zarbon begged Vegeta to not kill him, Vegeta killed him off gruesomely without any hesitation.


As Frieza's right hand man, he is trusted by Frieza to capture strong enemies and other opponents like Vegeta. In his first battle Vegeta, he was able to defeat him very easily with brute strength and little resistance.

He has the ability to fly. Zarbon has superhuman strength enabling him to harm Vegeta who is powerful on his own.


Zarbon's Battles
Battles Outcome
Zarbon vs. Vegeta Won
Zarbon vs. Vegeta Lost