Universe Ben 10
Species Kineceleran
Gender Male
Powers/skills Superhuman speed
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Type of Fighter Speedster

XLR8 is one of the aliens that is inside of the omnitrix that Ben Tennyson has access to. It is from the Kineceleran species where it has the power of superhuman speed.


XLR8 can travel at superhuman speed. With its superhuman speed, XLR8 has superhuman reflexes that can help him in battle against an enemy. With its powers, XLR8 can reach its destination in a short amount of time.

XLR8 speed can allow him to run on walls and water which would otherwise make it difficult for his targets to catch him. Along with his superhuman speed, XLR8 posses a level of strength that is above that of a normal individual.

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