Water Elementor
Water Elementor
Universe Max Steel Reboot
Powers/skills Water manipulation, superhuman strength
Likes Destruction
Dislikes Max Steel
Type of Fighter Monster

Water Elementor is a villain from Max Steel Reboot. It is an ultra-link made out of water.


Like other Elementors, the Water Elementor has a destructive mentality. It has no care for who it happens to be in its way to what it desires to accomplish.


The Water Elementor have the ability to manipulate water to attack and ensnare its targets. In a body of water, it has the ability to conjure up waves and whirlpools that could capsize ships and trap its targets. As a being made of water, it is able to stretch its limbs to reach and attack its targets at a distance. Like other Elementors, it posses superhuman strength in which it was able to throw and knock back Max Steel.


The Water Elementor's weakness is that its liquid body can become petrified if someone throws rocks and cement at it. When it is petrified the Water Elementor is immobile and is incapable of doing any attacks.

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