Welcome new users to Fictional Fighters Wiki! This is a small wiki in need of expansions and helpful hands. Feel free to contribute to any pages on this site. Please read the rules and policies of this site. :)


As of right now, this wiki is need of a few admins that can help keep this wiki in shape. If you desire to become an admin can post your request on the comment section of this blog.

To earn admin rights:

  • At least 150+ edits
  • Edit at least everyday for one week
  • Create at least 10+ pages that are not plagiarized
  • Contribute to the community such as: create a new blog, respond to the blog I created, invite other people onto the wiki, or socialize with anyone else on the site via their talk page or etc.

Right now I will appoint about 2 users to become an admin. Do not worry if you have not earn your rights if you have done a lot of hard work so far. If the wiki becomes larger than you may earn your rights later on.

If you want to become an admin do not request it on my talk page please comment to this blog if you want to become one. And if you have any questions, you can comment to this blog.

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