Universe Dragon Ball
Species Human
Gender Male
Powers/skills Superhuman strength, swordsmanship, flight, energy blasts
Likes His family, Z fighters
Dislikes Cell
Type of Fighter Swordsman

Trunks is a major character from Dragon Ball Z. He is the son of Vegeta and he is a half-blooded Saiyan.


As a child, Trunks is eager to becoming strong like his father, Vegeta. Along with Goten, Trunks wanted to go out to off to battle with strong enemies. He also looked up to his father, Vegeta, and saw him as a powerful person.

As an adult as seen in the Cell Saga, Trunks was sharp and level-headed. He was often troubled by his father's prideful behavior. Despite his hardened relationship with his father, Trunks respects him. He was willing to help the Z fighters in any way to take down the Androids and Cell. Trunks was also friendly to them.


Trunks has shown himself to be a very powerful individual. He is half Saiyan and he possess the abilities as one such as superhuman strength, superhuman speed, flight, and energy blasts.

Trunks is a powerful swordsman that was able to catch most of his enemies off guard like King Cold and Frieza. Trunks' swordsmanship skills was great enough that he was able to slice up the likes of Frieza and King Cold easily (despite their immense durability to powerful attacks). He is skilled and swift in his swordsmanship abilities that Frieza and King Cold feared him.

As a Super Saiyan, Trunks was shown to be incredibly strong. The Z fighters saw him as a powerful individual that would be able to defeat Cell (in his perfect form). He posses superhuman strength and endurance that is comparable to most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball like Goku.

Trunks can also fire powerful energetic blasts. When he confronted King Cold and Frieza, his energy blasts was powerful enough to turn his opponents to dust. He was also able to easily destroy their ship with his energy blast.


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