Trafalgar D. Water Law is a major character from One Piece. He is a pirate who has the power of the Ope Ope no Mi which gives him a variety of abilities which deals with giving an individual an operation.


Trafalgar Law has a laid-back personality in his earlier appearances and at times. He is confident in himself when he tries to get his plans into motion. He trusts Monkey D. Luffy and values him as an important ally as seen when he tried to save him during Marineford. He is also stoic and introverted as he is not always willing to express himself sometimes.


Law has the powers of the Ope Ope no Mi which grants him the power to create a space known as room where he can use a variety of powers to harm or neutralize his targets. He can expand the room to cover his targets at a price of his stamina. Within the room, he can levitate objects of any size such as anything varying from the size of rubble to that of a marine ship. He can teleport objects at will to protect himself from harm or to escape an enemy. Along with the power of telepathy and levitation, Law can also slice up his targets rendering his targets immobile.

Law has a sword in his possession that he can use along with his devil abilities to slice his targets to pieces. His sword is potent enough that he can slice a meteor in half with one slice.

Law also have Armament Haki which gives him potency to strike his targets with more strength. In his battle against Doflamingo, Law's Haki was able to equally compete with him with full strength.


With his devil fruit abilities, Law can detach his own heart from his body but if it gets into the wrong hands he will get tortured. In his fight against Vergo, law was weakened severely from Vergo crushing his heart.

In his fight against Doflamingo, Law cannot handle lead in his system and it can leave him weakened. In another fight against Doflamingo, Law used up a lot of his energy to use a larger room and gamma knife which left him exhausted and vulnerable for a period of time.


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