Universe Spyro the Dragon
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Powers/skills Flight, superhuman strength, fire manipulation, water manipulation, lightning manipulation
Likes His family and friends, his homeworld
Dislikes Anything that threatens his homeworld
Type of Fighter Protagonist

Spyro the Dragon is the main character of the video game series Spyro the Dragon. He is a powerful dragon who has many powers that ranges from spitting fire to immense superhuman strength.


Spyro is very arrogant and prideful. Not only is he arrogant, Spyro is also very courageous and is not too scared of his own enemies. At times he can be very reckless as well. He really care for his comrades and friends and values their relationships as well. He is also very competitive with his allies like Hunter the Cheetah.


Spyro has many powers that makes him a formidable opponent towards his enemies.

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