Universe Naruto
Debut Naruto Shippuden episode 156
Species Human
Gender Female
Powers/skills Swordsmanship
Likes Kumogakure
Dislikes No information
Type of Fighter Swordsman

Samui is a minor character from Naruto. She is a jonin from Kumogakure. She is Atsui's sister.


Samui is a stoic and calm person. She is mostly expressionless. In her battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers, she usually likes to use the word cool in her sentences. And since her name translates to the word cool, Samui acts calm and relaxed unlike her brother Atsui.


In her battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers, Samui was capable of using a small sword in battle. She also had knowledge on the brother's tools and what they are capable of doing. She was also appointed the commander of her team which consists of swordsmen. Since she is the leader to Omoi and Karui, it is implied that she may be the strongest fighter between them.


In her battle against the Gold and Silver brothers, Samui was distracted by other issues going on around her. Her brother getting sealed in battle, for instance, provided a moment for Ginkaku to take her as hostage.


Samui's Battle
Battle Outcome
Samui (with Atsui and Darui) vs. the Gold and Silver brothers Lost


  • Samui's name can be translated to cold whereas her brother's name, Atsui, can be translated to hot.

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