Paulie is a fighter from One Piece. He is a main character of the Water 7 Saga. He is apart of the Galley-La Company.


Paulie is friendly and loyal to his family and friends. He is loud-mouthed and a leader of a construction company in Water 7. Paulie greatly trusted his colleagues and workers like Rob Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa, and Blueno. He trusted them with the secrets at Water 7. But when it was revealed that they were for the World Government, Paulie was devastated for their betrayal. He greatly disliked them for using him and Iceburg for so many years and wanted them to get fired. At first when he met the Straw hat crew, he thought that they were nothing but trouble for causing chaos in Water 7. However when he learned the truth that it was the government agent CP9 who had cause all the trouble, Paulie decided that they were indeed good people and also decided to ally with them to get back at the World Government.

He is greatly devoted to Iceburg and would protect him with his life. Paulie also does not like a woman who wears revealing clothing like Kalifa and Nami.


Paulie is a formidable fighter and skilled individual who can use ropes to overwhelm his opponents. Paulie's use of rope was powerful enough to knock back Monkey D. Luffy in his confrontation. His use of ropes are strong enough to bind and knock back opponents. He also posses a large number of ropes that can assist him in battle. On top of having possession of many ropes that can harm his targets, he is also incredibly durable as he was able to take beatings from powerful CP9 members without collapsing.


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