Optimus Prime
Universe Transformers
Species Autobot
Powers/skills Transform into a truck, mounted weapons from their body
Likes Justice, peace
Dislikes Anything that would breech peace
Type of Fighter Hero

Optimus Prime is the one of the main characters in Transformers. He is the leader of the Autobots. Optimus Prime's goal is to enforce justice throughout the universe.


Optimus Prime is heroic and he cares for his comrades. He cares for the peace and well-being of everything in the universe. Optimus Prime is a confident leader as well. He is heroic and is willing to help out everyone from anything that would harm them.


Optimus Prime is one of the strongest fighters among the Autobots. He is skilled in tactics and strength. Optimus Prime has the ability to transform into a truck. This transformation is beneficial towards either disguising himself or traveling at a faster speed. He can also summon weapons from his body like cannons, missile launchers, and laser beams.


Coming Soon!


  • Optimus Prime is similar to Goku from Dragon Ball and Superman from DC:
    • They are the main characters of their franchises.
    • They are heroes who cares for peace in the universe.

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