Universe Regular Show
Species Blue Jay
Gender Male
Powers/skills Physical strength
Likes His friends, Margaret, and Cloudy J
Dislikes Jerks
Type of Fighter Protagonist

Mordecai is the main character of Regular Show. Mordecai is a park worker at the park. At times when there are problems, Mordecai is willing fight to protect the park and his friends.


Mordecai is relaxed and simple-minded person who usually takes things easily. He is much more relaxed and mature than his friend Rigby. Mordecai really enjoys hanging out with his friends at the park. But cannot really tolerate rudeness and idiocy from his friends like Rigby and Muscleman, and his park manager Benson. He also used to have a crush with Margaret and was often shy in her presence. After getting over his insecurities, Mordecai was able to become Margaret's boyfriend. Soon after that, Mordecai fell into a depression and eventually ended up dating Cloudy J. Since Margaret's return, Mordecai has vowed to stay with Cloudy J.


As a fighter, Mordecai can fight with brute strength. In some episodes like "Death Punchies" and "Sandwich of Death", Mordecai trained to become a martial artist and mastered superhuman strength and martial agility. With his martial arts training, Mordecai was able to defend himself from enemies and defeat his targets easily.


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Coming Soon!

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