Universe Magi
Debut Magi episode 1
Species Human
Gender Male
Powers/skills Swordsmanship
Likes Being in charge, wealth, torturing Morgiana
Dislikes Aladdin and Alibaba
Type of Fighter Arrogant fighter

Jamil is a villain from Magi. He is the first major villain from Magi and he is also the chief of the town called Qishan.


Jamil first appeared in his house with his slaves when he decided that he would conquer the dungeon right in his town, Qishan. He decided to bring along Morgiana and Goltas to assist him in his adventure. When he entered the dungeon, Jamil with the help of his servants were able to located Alibaba and decided to take him hostage so that he can locate he djinn for him. When everyone thought Alibaba died in a trap, Jamil continued throughout the dungeon when he was cornered by the slime creatures of the dungeon.

After escaping from the slime creatures, he was able locate Alibaba and Aladdin in a temple near the dungeon. Jamil ordered Morgiana to fight them and Jamil himself engaged Alibaba in a sword duel. Jamil was overwhelmed by Alibaba's swordsmanship and relied on Morgiana to defeat him. The djinn, Amon, finally appeared and decided who he would make a his dungeon capturer which was Alibaba. After making the decision, the dungeon began to collapse and Jamil was left behind with Goltas in the end. Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana was able to escape from the dungeon.


Jamil is a heartless slave-owner who only cares about himself. Jamil desires to become one of the richest man in the region he resides in. He likes torturing his slaves especially Morgiana and blaming them for anything that goes wrong as well. When he was put into dangerous situations, Jamil was shown to be despotic and cowardly.


Jamil is a skilled swordsman in his battles. He was skilled enough to even hold back Alibaba (a trained swordsmen) in his fight.


Since Jamil only trained with his sword at a short amount of time and has only trained with a mild amount of interest, he was not strong enough to hold up against Alibaba in his battle. Compared to Alibaba, Jamil is sensitive to injury.


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Jamil's Battle
Battle Outcome
Jamil vs. Alibaba Saluja Lost