Jake Long is the main protagonist of American Dragon: Jake Long. He is a teenager who lives in New York City. He is also a powerful fire breathing dragon and the defender of magical creatures.


Jake Long is an average teenager who likes to skateboard and play sports. As the American Dragon, Jake is willing to keep the fact that he is the American Dragon a secret to the public since it would spark controversy. He does not particularly like school work and really prefers to hang out with his friends. Often times Jake can come off as a major jerk to his little sister, Haley Long, but he likes her. Jake also has a crush on Rose but was devastated to find out that she worked for the Huntsclan. Jake truly wanted the best outcome for Rose and did not want to see her in pain.


Like some members from his mother's side of the family, Jake is capable of transforming into a powerful dragon. As the American Dragon, Jake has a lot of power that makes him stronger than the average dragon or at least known well throughout the magic world. Since Jake is very strong as the American Dragon, the magic world and a few others trust him to save them from the dark forces that is out to destroy them.

Dragon Form

In his powerful Dragon form, Jake can fly, breathe fire, and use superhuman strength to fight his enemies. With some of the training he received from his grandfather, Jake can use martial arts in his dragon form to enhance his potency in battle. He can fly at fast speeds and can be a challenge for most of his enemies. With his powerful build and abilities, Jake is capable of being a serious challenge to his enemies.