Hody Jones is a villain from One Piece. He is a fishman who despises humans. He also hate fishmen who happen to agree with or like humans. He knows Fishman Karate and he also uses Energy Steroids which enhances his powers.


Hody Jones is bigoted and sadistic. He regards humans as nothing more than inferior beings who should be enslaved to him. He is also ruthless and malevolent seeing fishmen that supports the humans as something as bad as the humans themselves. Unlike Arlong, Hody is willing to harm his own men and put them in danger for his own satisfaction.


Hody Jones boasts superhuman strength and Fishman Karate which makes him one of the strongest fighters on Fishman Island. Since he is a Fishman, his strength is at least ten times greater than that of the average human. And like all Fishmen, he is much stronger in the water than on land.

In his fight against Zoro, Hody was shown to wield a red trident that he can use for short-range combat and can throw it at his target. He was able to use the water in his surroundings to create a powerful water cannon which he can throw at superhuman speed.

When Hody swallowed multiple Energy pills, he transformed into a muscular brute that had enhance strength and speed.


Hody's weakness originates from his arrogance and cynicism of his enemies. When fighting Luffy and Zoro on separate occasions, he underestimated their full potential which led to his defeat.


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Hody Jones' Battles
Battles Outcome
Hody Jones vs. Zoro Roronoa Lost
Hody Jones vs. Monkey D. Luffy Draw
Hody Jones vs. Monkey D. Luffy Lost



  • Because of his addiction to the Energy pills and his consumption of them, Hody Jones was reduced to a weaker form at the end of Fishman Island Arc. In this form, it is highly likely that he may have lost all his powers from before leaving him handicapped.