Goku vs.Cell as a prominent example of Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil is a common concept in fiction that inspire the fighters to go into battle. In most battles, there are the heroes who have to battle the villains to get their ways. In almost every battle, it always comes down to who ever wins whether if it is the good guy or bad guy. In climactic situations, the hero would have a hard time fighting the villain and may fail to defeat him/her and vice versa. In most cases, the villainous fighter is usually exceptionally powerful and it is up to the hero to match the strength of the character whether they train or not. In fictional stories, good vs. evil has existed throughout time where it is up to the heroes to outright defeat the villains in an all out fight. It is also the most prominent battle. Not only is it the most prominent battle but it determines the outcome of how the story will proceed.