Last words from the heroes and villains before their deaths.


Stay back!

Come on!
Ki-Adi-Mundi before his Clone Commanders betray and kill him


Back! Only death lies this way!
Kol Skywalker right before Darth Nihl kills him with Force lightning

You will find out soon enough. You can't defeat us all.
Nahdar Vebb before he fights Grievous and gets killed

Love you, Droo. Always and forever.
Rawk before he and T'ra Saa perish in an explosion

I'm proud of you, my former apprentice. The Force will be with you.
Wolf Sazen


Arkham right before Lady shoots him in the head

Let's finish this, Jedi. The Dianogas hunger.
Darth Stryfe

Sith tricks! Sith lies! Krayt has "died" before. I will not believe it! This time he dies by my hand! All Sith will die!
Roan Fel before Antares Draco kills him