Here at Fictional Fighters Wiki, there are a few rules and policies that is needed to keep this wiki in order.


  1. All characters added to this wiki needs to be fighers from the works of fiction. Characters who have participated in a battle and have fought are considered to be apart of a fight making them fighters. This would include fighters from cartoons, anime/manga, comics, and live action films that is under the fictional genre.
  2. No fan fiction or fanon on this wiki. Only characters from official franchises.
  3. Do not add any real life fighters to this wiki. This is only about fictional fighters.
  4. Plagiarism is forbidden. All work must be from your own words. The content of the subject reflects originality put into it.
  5. If an article is created, do not add just one brief statement saying where the fighter is from. At least get a paragraph written down.
  6. For all fighters added to this wiki, add the Template:Fighter Infobox to the article.

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