Ernie the Giant Chicken
Universe Family Guy
Debut Family Guy Episode 10
Species Chicken
Gender Male
Powers/skills Brute strength
Likes No information
Dislikes Peter Griffin
Type of Fighter Brute

Ernie is a recurring character in Family Guy. In each of his major appearances, he is often seen fighting Peter Griffin for various reasons. As a fighter, Ernie is violent and is often as strong as Peter Griffin. However, in all his fights against Peter he loses.


Ernie holds various grudges against Peter Griffin and often times lash out against him in long fights. Sometimes Ernie can come to an understanding with Peter and the two can forgive one another. However, the moment Peter disrespects Ernie whether he lashes out against him.


Ernie is a vicious fighter that uses anything his surroundings to harm Peter Griffin. Like Peter Griffin, he has brute strength and endurance as he is able to withstand any of the injuries that is inflicted upon him. In most of his fights, Ernie uses his fists to try to inflict damage upon his enemy. Besides brute strength and durability, Ernie is mostly seen using hand-to-hand combat.


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Notable Appearances

This is a list of all the episodes Ernie has fought Peter Griffin in Family Guy. In each of his fights, Ernie has lost to Peter Griffin.

  • "Da Boom"
  • "Blind Ambition"
  • "No Chris Left Behind"
  • "Internal Affairs"
  • "Yug Ylimaf"


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