Deathstroke also known as Slade Wilson is the archenemy of the Teen Titans. He is a skilled assassin and martial artist.


Deathstroke is cruel and vicious. He is self-serving and pretty much only cares for himself. Deathstroke at times can be of assistance to the Teen Titans and his foes as well in a dire situation.


Deathstroke is a skillful martial artist and combatant. He is powerful in hand-to-hand combat and use of weaponry. Deathstroke is capable of using many types of weapons in battles like swords, knives, throwing stars, guns, and bombs. Deathstroke is also known for being stronger than the average person like having superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and accelerated healing. He is also durable to most forms of injuries that can take down or even kill an average person.


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