Control Freak is a villain from the Teen Titans franchise. He is a criminal who uses gadgets and technology to create monsters and fight the Titans.


Control Freak is obsessed with television. He loves to watch shows and flicks. He is evil and is willing to use a remote to create monsters and situations to terrorize civilians. Control Freak loves attention and was upset to hear from the Teen Titans East that he was not on their list of villains to watch out for while they battle the Brotherhood of Evil.


Control Freak has expertise in the use of technology. He can use to weapons like a remote to bring to life inanimate objects to fight his opponents. In the episode, "Episode 257-494", Control Freak was able to create portals for people to jump into the television. Control Freak was also a skilled swordsmen who was able to fight the Titans on his own. He was an exceptional fighter in the television.


Control Freak is less of a threat when his gadgets like his remotes are disarmed. Control Freak is not skilled in any self defense that would protect him in real life.


  • Like Slade and a few other characters in the Teen Titans animated series, Control Freak's real name is not known.