Chef Hatchet
Universe Total Drama
Species Human
Gender Male
Powers/skills Brute strength
Likes People complimenting his food
Dislikes Total Drama contestants, Chris McClean (sometimes)
Type of Fighter Brute

Chef Hatchet is a recurring character on Total Drama. He is a chef for the contestants and the right-hand to the host himself, Chris McClean. In some cases he is seen fighting Izzy.


Chef is strict and vicious. He likes cooking terrible foods but would not eat the food. Chef overall dislikes the contestants and prefers to put them through a lot of pressure like making them eat garbage or leaving them in the woods as a challenge. Chef appreciates gratitude such as when Owen compliments his cooking and Beth's friendliness. He also sees Chis as friend but sometimes views him as a jerk for his actions.


Chef is a strong fighter who is usually uses brute force to fight his opponents. His only major fights were up against Izzy and he was able to use nothing more than brute strength to sometimes overwhelm her.


Chef may be physically strong to combat Izzy but he is not as fast to keep up with her in battle. In all his battles against Izzy, Chef lacks the speed to keep up with Izzy and this often times causes him to lose his fight.


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3 / 5


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