Boa Sandersonia
Universe One Piece
Species Human
Gender Female
Powers/skills Hebi Hebi no Mi (power to turn into a snake), superhuman strength, Haki
Likes Her sisters, Amazon Lily, Monkey D. Luffy
Dislikes Celestial Dragons
Type of Fighter Short-range fighter

Boa Sandersonia is a powerful fighter from Amazon Lily. She is the sister of Boa Hancock and Boa Marigold. Boa Sandersonia has the power of the Hebi Hebi no Mi which allows her to turn into a giant humanoid snake.


Boa Sandersonia cares deeply for her sisters Boa Hancock and Boa Marigold. Like her sisters, she had no remorse for lying to the residents of Amazon Lily about her past as a legend that defeated a Gorgon. Like her other sisters, Boa Sandersonia was a misandrist that detest men. She mostly detest men because of the horrifying past she had with them as a slave for the World Nobles. After being confronted by Monkry D. Luffy for their viciousness against Marguerite, she was remorseful for her actions. Like Boa Hancock and Marigold, Sandersonia began to change their views about Luffy and sees him as a hero.


With the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Boa Sandersonia has the power to transform into a large powerful green snake. In this form, her speed and reflexes are enhanced. As a giant anaconda, Sandersonia can maneuver through her surroundings with flexibility and at a fast speed. She is capable of constricting her opponents as well.


Boa Sandersonia wields the devil fruit that gives her the power she has. However, like any devil fruit user, she cannot get into a body of water because she risks drowning.

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