Boa Marigold
Boa Marigold
Universe One Piece
Species Human
Gender Female
Powers/skills Hebi Hebi no Mi (power to turn into a snake), superhuman strength, Haki
Likes Her sisters, Amazon Lily, Monkey D. Luffy
Dislikes Celestial Dragons
Type of Fighter Short-range fighter

Boa Marigold is a fighter from Amazon Lily. She is the sister of Boa Hancock and Boa Sandersonia. She has the power of the Hebi Hebi no Mi which has the ability to turn her into a giant snake.


Boa Marigold is a supportive sister towards her sisters and Amazon Lily. Her pain from the Celestial Dragons as a child caused her to have a strict look out on life and some level of fear and hatred for men. After Luffy helped change Boa Hancock for the better, she began to respect him.


As a resident of Amazon Lily, Boa Marigold is regarded as a powerful fighter among the inhabitants there. She has the ability to transform into a giant snake which would allow her to travel at a fast speed to attack her target. In her snake form, she has superhuman strength which would allow her to easily knock back her targets. Boa Marigold can also use venom as an offensive in her snake form to poison her intended targets who are near her.


As a devil fruit user, Boa Marigold cannot swim in a body of water as she risks drowning.

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