• Dual89 Proxima

    Hello guys, I would like to say that I will be revising the categories on this wiki. I am going to try to focus for now on fixing that up and maintain the organization with that. So that means that I will just start fixing the titles to the categories and make sure that it holds some unity and make some sense.

    So the category names to franchises are going to change. I decided in the past that it would be good to just call it by the franchise name and then put the word Fighters next to it to establish that these are fighters from the franchise but after some thoughts, I thought it sounded silly since the wiki is already about fighters. So now I will just change the word Fighters to characters. Its better in a way that it would show the characters i…

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  • Dual89 Proxima

    Welcome New Users

    March 26, 2015 by Dual89 Proxima

    Welcome new users to Fictional Fighters Wiki! This is a small wiki in need of expansions and helpful hands. Feel free to contribute to any pages on this site. Please read the rules and policies of this site. :)


    As of right now, this wiki is need of a few admins that can help keep this wiki in shape. If you desire to become an admin can post your request on the comment section of this blog.

    To earn admin rights:

    • At least 150+ edits
    • Edit at least everyday for one week
    • Create at least 10+ pages that are not plagiarized
    • Contribute to the community such as: create a new blog, respond to the blog I created, invite other people onto the wiki, or socialize with anyone else on the site via their talk page or etc.

    Right now I will appoint about 2 users…

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  • Dual89 Proxima

    The type of fighters I like are those who can fly. Any type of fighters you like?

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