Atlas is a villain from the Teen Titans. He is an egotistical robot who thinks he is better than anyone. Atlas also likes to play video games.


Atlas is an arrogant and selfish robot. He only cares for himself and for winning whether if it is a fight or a video game. Atlas is very disrespectful to Spike and sees him as a servant who does not deserve any respect. He is dependent of Spike for fuel to power his system and tools to enhance his strength. Atlas is very dishonorable towards Cyborg and looks down on him. He did see him as a good challenge but he does not have any respect for him.


As a tall and powerful robot, Atlas has displayed superhuman strength and durability. Like Cyborg, Atlas uses brute force in his fights. In "Only Human", he was a competent challenge to Cyborg and was able to beat him twice with nothing more than superhuman strength. In "Calling All Titans", Atlas teamed up with Adonis to overwhelm Pantha in a wrestling competition.


In "Only Human", Atlas' weakness was his ego. He thought that he was able to overcome Cyborg when he confronted him many times unaware that he got the confidence in his final fight to overpower him. He also relies heavily on Spike to replace the parts of his body that is need of repair. When Spike turned on him, he was unable to identify the pieces that he needed to repair his body.


  • Atlas is similar to Adonis from the same show the Teen Titans:
    • They both are egotistical.
    • Their armor is red.
    • They rely on brute strength to fight their opponents.