Asami Sato
Asami Sato
Universe The Legend of Korra
Species Human
Gender Female
Powers/skills Martial arts, electrical gloves
Likes Korra, her friends
Dislikes Equalists
Type of Fighter Heroine

Asami Sato is a protagonist from The Legend of Korra. She is a character who does not have any bending abilities but she has skills in self defense.


Asami is kind and friendly. She does not hold any ill-temper towards those who can bend. Sometimes she can be serious if the situation is serious. She has shown herself capable of taking great risks to help her friends and is willing to help them.


In battle, Asami is agile and capable of fighting those who are also good in martial arts such as the Equalists. She can defend herself against benders with her agility. She is also fast as she was able to knockdown or disarm her enemies quickly. At one point, she was able to use her an electrical glove to electrocute her enemies and subdue them. Despite not having any bending abilities, she was capable of defeating multiple enemies with her self defense skills and agility.

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