Universe Magi
Species Human
Gender Male
Powers/skills Magic
Likes Peace, his family and friends
Dislikes War
Type of Fighter The Chosen One

Aladdin is the main character of Magi. He is a powerful magician. At first, he ventured the Earth to try to find out who he is and why he exists in the world. Along the way of his adventure, Aladdin discovered many friends and allies who supports him.


Aladdin is very friendly and kind to those that he meets. He has benevolent care for his friends and is willing to protect them no matter what. Aladdin is very observant and naïve of the world around him. Aladdin from time to time is shown to be perverted. He likes to preserve peace and dislikes war. He likes to see the good in people and redeem those who have fell to the darkness in their hearts.


As a Magi, Aladdin is capable of using magic in his fight. He was entrusted with some of his father's, Solomon's power. In the beginning of the series, Aladdin was fairly strong as he was able to use magic to defend himself against the slime creature in the dungeon and in his fight against Judar. After practicing and enhancing his skills at Magnostadt, Aladdin was able to enhance his skills and stamina. He was also able to master new powers such as fire manipulation.

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