Adonis is a villain from the Teen Titans franchise.


Adonis can best be described as an egotistical man who believes he is the strongest. Adonis takes great pride in wearing his suit which he thinks makes him look good. He likes to flirt with girls he thinks are pretty like Raven. Adonis also dislikes Beast Boy and sees him as beast more so than a man.


In his mechanical suit, Adonis is capable of utilizing superhuman strength and abilities. In his suit, Adonis is capable of fighting all five of the Titans without much issues. He is capable of throwing aside strong opponents like Cyborg.

In his beast form, Adonis is not fully conscious of his abilities. He is incredibly violent and destructive in his battle when he was fighting Beast Boy.


Adonis' mechanical suit cannot stand a severe amount of beating. When it takes a significant amount of damage, it will wear down and break. While not in his own suit, Adonis is a frail and skinny and he does not have any combat experience.


2 / 5
2 / 5
2 / 5
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3 / 5


Adonis's Battles
Battles Outcome
Adonis vs. Teen Titans Draw
Adonis vs. Beast Boy Lost
Adonis (beast form) vs. Beast Boy (beast form) Lost
Adonis vs. Cyborg Lost
Adonis and Atlas vs. Pantha Lost


  • Adonis' name is based on the Greek god, Adonis, who is the god of beauty.